Company policies

  1. Each passenger has the unavoidable obligation of resgistering his/her entry to the hotel, filling personally the registration form, by the contrary, the entry will be denied. The hotel is empowered to require the identification of each passenger.
  2. The payment will be carried out when the passenger get into the hotel. The passenger will determine the day of departure. Any stay extension must be informed previously.
  3. The hotel provides costless parking lot for guests, but Don juan Ghesthouse is not responsible for any robbery, damage, etc caused to cars. Due to this condition, the Hotel suggests to avoid leaving valuable items inside the car, cabains or rooms. Custody service is vailable for free.
  4. Each passanger must inform the check out from the hotel delivering the keys to carry out an inspection of rooms and cabains before leaving the hotel.
  5. Preserve and maintain in perfect conditions the cabains or rooms during the stay.
  6. The accommodation its counted by night. Check in: from 14.00 pm, Check out: until 11.00 am.
  7. Inform as soon as possible to administration any damage caused inside the cabains.
  8. Allow the rooms services in schedules stablished: 10.00 to 14.30 hrs. Crockery cleaning service is not included in rates. If it is requested, it will be an aditional cost.
  9. Put the trash into the garbage deposits in closed trash bags.
  10. It is prohibited to smoke inside cabins, to this propose, there are smoking areas clearly signalized.
  11. Pets are not allowed.
  12. Do not dry chothes on heaters. It may provoque the deterioration of heaters. To this propose, clothe racks are available.
  13. Do not make disturbing noices inside cabains, specially on resting time.
  14. Any lost or damage caused by guests, must be paid by the client.
  15. Administration is available from 8.00 am to 23.30 pm.
Misión y Visión Hostal y Cabañas Don Juan Villarrica

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